Wednesday, 25 January 2012

For Fun: Mr. Bromance

The culprit? None other than Mr. Lionel Messi! Yes, that's right, Messi.


We here are huge bromance fans - especially when it comes to football and we have seen the Little Magician in a few 'love triangles' of his own. LoL! (Yeah, we dare!) Getting caught was his only problem. Heh heh!

Messi enjoys a very good friendship with Barca's number 2 goalie, Pinto:

Ya can't buy the kind of love that Messi & Pinto shares

I fess up that this is one of my fave all time bromance! They're so cute with their playful affection during training. Then there was the Messilla bromance:

Whoever made this, made my bromance day! LoL! (via fan pop)

These two were almost inseparable and they complimented each other well. Then we have Messi with Cesc & Pique!

Ooh moc moc?

Not really a fan of the three some thing. It got weary after so it was nice to see the MessCesc (I call them Cesc-yMess) thing take effect:

Cesc-y and Messi lights up my bromance heart!

Oh yeah, I could totally get more of those two! (Though we all know when Cesc gets called up for National duty, his butt belongs to Iker's. Sad, but true.) Then there's Messi, Xavi & Iniesta:

Bought to you by La Masia

Again, not a three some fan, so this will eventually boil down to Messi & Xavi:


We had Messi with Thierry Henry, Ronnie (That's Ronaldinho), VV, Pique and even this guy:

Messi & Bojan were cute!

And he still shares one with Alves:

Is it getting hot in here or what?

Yes, so Messi have racked up many bromances with Barcelona and he also shares one with fellow Argentine, Mascherano. There's even one budding right in front of our eyes with him and the Heart Stealer:

Oh yeah, we like this too!

But one of my fave featuring Messi is with Kun:

LeoKun. Can't get any more 'serious' than this!

These two are almost inseparable during call ups.

Kun wishes Messi a happy 24th with a kiss. LoL!

I'm outta here! It was nice doing this post for fun! (This is what happens when you don't know what to do with the boring time you have on your hand!) Although in the upcoming days, weeks or months ahead, we'll be getting into the bromance aspect of football.

Leo, you rock!

Diana Tyler
lavivasoccer feature writer

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